Max met Bonnie Kate when he was 21 and she was 16, and he knew there was something special about her. They only ever saw each other at church for a couple of years, and then a few months after she turned 18, he finally asked her out. After an over-the-top date scared Bonnie Kate away, it seemed like anything and everything was going to keep these two apart. The events that followed are so unbelievable at times, it almost seems like their story is the stuff of movies. 

It's a long video, but this is hands down the most incredible love story I've ever seen. These two experience struggles that are unheard of and are victims to life-changing coincidences, but it makes their love story all the better. 

The first few minutes of the video are animated, but the rest is real footage, almost all of which Max shot himself. Max is a filmmaker, so the storytelling is simply beautiful, and you'll most likely find yourself completely sucked into this whirlwind tale.