At first glance, Emmett Rychner and Erling Kindem appear to have nothing in common, but the 3-year-old and the 89-year-old WWII veteran share a suprising bond.

In the charming video below, originally uploaded to YouTube in 2014, we meet Emmett Rychner and Erling Kindem. The pair lives next door to each other, and despite their staggering 86-year age difference, these two are the best of friends. According to the video, the inseparable buddies play together every day, entertaining themselves with activities such as croquet, baseball, and racing — Kindem on his John Deere lawn tractor and Emmett on his pint-sized version.
Soon after the video went viral, Emmett and Kindem both moved away. However, their bond could not be broken by distance. According to KARE, when Kindem celebrated his 90th birthday in 2015, Emmett was firmly by his side, chiming in to the birthday song with "cha-cha-chas." Emmett and his family reportedly make regular visits to Kindem's apartment in his retirement community.