Quinton Winter, curator of the site Weird Whistable, has claimed that he spotted this in real life while crabbing during the summer. 

Can you spot this giant crab? 


Apparently it's 50 feet (15 meters) long! It's been called "Crabzilla."
Looks huge and fake, right? 

Here's what Quinton told the Daily Express

"At first all I could see was some faint movement, then as it rose from the water I thought, 'that's a funny looking bit of driftwood.' It had glazed blank eyes on stalks, swivelling wildly and it clearly was a massive crab with crushing claws. Before this incident I thought the aerial photo showed an odd-shaped sand bank. Now I know better."


Well, the largest species of crab, the Japanese spider crab, can be up to 12 feet (~3.6 meters) long. 

Whatever the case may be, you can count me officially spooked by this.