Grandma (to-be) sits down in the operating room with her daughter, an expecting mother, to watch an ultrasound. But what this future grandmother doesn't know is that she's the subject of a prank - and Jimmy Kimmel is behind it. Chippy, Kimmel's aunt, accompanied her daughter Micki, who is Kimmel's cousin, to her appointment with the ultrasound technician. Kimmel must have figured this was the time and place to pull his aunt's leg a bit.

It's worth noting that Chippy had never seen a sonogram before, so Kimmel made sure that her first viewing would be a memorable one. The technician has an ear piece in, so Kimmel and his cousin Sal can tell her what to say. Cue the hijinks!

Watch below as Chippy reacts to the bizarre images she sees on screen. She's going to wish she never showed up to this appointment.