The husband of the woman in the video below left for war only six weeks after they were married. After he disappeared, she spent the next 68 years wondering what happened to him, and then she finally discovers the truth. This amazing story and this soldier's legacy will have you in tears.

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It's been around 68 years since the liberation of France (D Day).
Peggy Harris only recently found out what happened to her husband who left to fight the war.
She discovered that her husband, Billie Harris, was buried in the town of Normandy in France.
Billie was a WW2 fighter pilot who was shot down and killed July 1944 as the Nazis occupied France. However, due to a serious of miscommunications, Peggy never knew what happened to her husband. She just simply thought he disappeared.
All this time, Peggy has been waiting for 68 years. She never re-married.
The incredible part of this story was not that Peggy learned how he died but what she discovered afterwards.

In the tiny Normandy town of Les Ventes in France, the main road is actually named after Billie Harris. The townspeople march down the road times a year to celebrate him. Why?
As Billie Harris crash landed, he made sure to avoid hitting this small town and the innocent civilians even though he was severely wounded. This means the world to this town. How much? When Billie's body was moved from the local cementary at Les Ventes to the American one in Normandy, the townspeople still went to cover his grave with flowers. To the people of Les Ventes, Billie was a true hero.
The man on the right is the one remaining surviving witness of the event. For Peggy, in tears, she tells us that she wishes her husband had enough consciousness to know that he had passed honorably and that there was one person who survived and watched it all.
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