Some of us, at a point during adolescence, will put down a jump rope and never again pick one up. But for Adrienn Banhegyi, she picks one up each and every day. It's how she makes a living. The Hungary native spent 15 years doing competitive jump rope before she joined Cirque du Soleil and starting sharing her talents with people all over the world.
How did she get started? "I started jump rope about twenty years ago, after my dad saw a movie with girls doing double dutch in it, he thought it would be a great sport for his students at the school where he was teaching at that time," Banhegyi told Bit of News. When she's not performing for Cirque du Soleil or winning the World Jump Rope Championship, Banhegyi helps teach young children the art of jumping rope.

Below you'll get a glimpse at one of Banhegyi's routines. Her amazing abilities coupled with her infectious enthusiasm make for a great performance. Check it out!