Cory Kalanick, a firefighter with the Fresno Fire Department in Fresno, CA, became an overnight hero after he posted the following footage taken by his helmet's GoPro camera.  

After a house fire in July 2013, firefighter Cory Kalanick began a routine sweep of this still smoke-laden family home.  When he finds a kitten unconscious on the floor of one of the rooms, he quickly leaves to attempt to resuscitate the limp animal.  Once outside, you can see a young girl, standing with hands clutched over her mouth, as she awaits the fate of her kitten, the aptly-named Lucky.  After administering air and cooling the kitten with water, its fragile little body finally starts to move.
Firefighters often aid animals trapped or injured in fires.  In May 2013, the Oakland Fire Department posted a video of a fire team bringing a dog suffering from smoke inhalation back to consciousness. They even took the happy pet back to their station for a home cooked meal so he could wait for his owner to claim him in a safe place.  

In October 2014, The Mirror UK reported Carlos Arana, a firefighter from Valencia, Spain, performed mouth to mouth resuscitation on a two-month old yorkshire terrier. A neighbor described the scene: "I saw one of them run out holding the puppy that appeared to be dead. But the fireman wouldn’t stop, and after about five minutes the puppy started to move its legs."

As the standard equipment used to help animals recover from smoke inhalation and other fire related injuries, is the same as that for humans, organizations like Muller Veterinary Hospital out of Walnut Creek, CA are producing and donating special animal-specific resuscitation kits equipment.  

Firefighters truly are heroes.  A great many families thank you.

How amazing are these incredible men and women?  Watch for yourself what a difference a few minutes makes in the life of this animal and its family.