She wanted to go to the lake. He wanted to save money. Cue an ugly argument. The couple in question are James Mongiat and his wife Whitney. During a weekend drive, the two began to quarrel over what they want to do with their free time. While Whitney has a nice weekend at the lake in mind, her husband James is instead thinking of saving some money. She doesn't take too kindly to this sentiment.

When Whitney starts to get angry, James whips out his camera and discreetly records the next few minutes in the car ride. Things get ugly rather quickly - and loud. It's certainly not his wife's best moment, but James wanted to capture it on camera in order to prove to his wife that she was acting like a child. "I finally just decided to put my foot down and I turned my recorder on my phone, so I could show her how she was acting to herself. And the rest is history," he explained. It seems that this isn't the first argument to turn ugly. Tune in below to see the extent of Whitney's meltdown. It is not pretty.