In light of the recent slurry of catcalling videos going viral across the web, the minds over at ModelPranksters decided to see just how vigilant New Yorkers really are. So, they decided to test their attention by having an attractive woman parade around the city wearing jeans that were literally painted on her.

That's right. Those "pants" you see this woman wearing are nothing more than a few layers of expertly laid out paint. Though, you'd expect every person to break their neck as she walked past, the opposite actually proved to be true. 

That is, until the very end when one man in particular decided to snap an inappropriate cell phone pic. I'm sure there were a few others out there who became distracted by this young lady, but the camera just failed to capture them. 

We here at SFG can't get enough of social experiments like this, but we'd like to know how you felt about it. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.