You don't have to look very hard to find a news headline detailing the most recent tragedy in the world. While bad news is easy to come by, good news is often buried underneath anxiety-inducing stories that make the front page. In a compilation of videos gathered from high-adrenaline scenarios from around the world, ordinary individuals are depicted coming together for the common good. 
Each scenario presented in this compilation is a suspenseful and dangerous situation involving individuals in need of help. Most of the footage was taken from security cameras set up in areas like subway platforms, intersections, and restaurants. While the cameras capture the danger of every situation, they also record the random acts of heroism performed by bystanders who rose to the occasion. 

The location and background of each of the scenarios in this video are difficult to determine because they were collected from news sources and cameras all over. The common denominator they share is the element of heroism. Since being uploaded by YouTube channel FFA (Fresh Fails Army), the video has accrued over 16 million views. The inspiring footage contains everything from suicide attempts to burning cars. 

FFA isn't the only channel specializing in heroic moments. The concept of everyday heroes has struck a chord with a number of different channels and sites. YouTube channel Real Life Heroes features inspiring stories from around the world, much like the ones presented in the video below. Check out the compilation of amazing moments and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.