Dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals in the animal kingdom. Boasting a level of intelligence on par with humans, they have exceptional problem-solving ability in addition to an amazing emotional capacity. In fact, dolphins are known to interact with humans and exhibit these sorts of traits on a regular basis not only in captivity, but in the wild as well. They've been known to show a fondness for humans either by helping them or showing affection towards them. In this instance though, one dolphin showed off a little more affection. 

While visiting a Delfinario in Cuba, Barbie was watching a dolphin show. When she was asked to participate, she jumped at the opportunity. Asked to sit by the water, a dolphin was expected to pop out of the water and give her a kiss. Instead, the dolphin jumped out of the water and onto her. It then showed off why dolphins are one of the few species that has sex for pleasure. Barbie was a good sport during the whole incident, but it is a little troubling that no one came to help her. Instead, the majority of the audience cheered the dolphin on. Luckily, it seemed that the dolphin merely had a naughty sense of humor and slid back into the water after a few seconds.