As a member of the Humane Society's Animal Rescue team, Adam Parascandola has seen more than his fair share of horrifically mistreated animals, but something about Billy made him swear to give the little Chihuahua all the love and care he deserved.

During a puppy mill raid in Jones County, N.C., Parascandola came across a shed on the property that housed a number of dogs in small cages — with minuscule amounts of food and oddly-colored water. Billy had been in his cage for so long that it had rusted shut, and was missing a large portion of his mandible. Parascandola held the dangerously malnourished pup to his chest and saw how he responded to physical contact, recalling, "at that moment, I felt responsible for him and I felt responsible for making sure that he was never gonna have to suffer like that again." 

According to Parascandola, Billy was "just a skeleton under his long fur," underweight to the point where a veterinarian gave the Chihuahua the worst possible body condition score. Parascandola ended up adopting Billy and giving him a loving home, but the Humane Society reports that the poor pup passed away in Dec. 2012 due to residual complications from being neglected for so long.