As a rugged group of bikers rev their engines and take to the road, we hear the words, "We're not your average people." What follows proves just how extraordinary these bikers are.

These seemingly intimidating bikers belong to Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.), an international organization dedicated to protecting children who have been victims of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. One member, Pipes, swears, “when we say we’ll do anything to protect the children, whatever that means, we mean it.” 
A child under the protection of B.A.C.A. is assigned two members to check in with on a weekly basis, as well as to call, should they feel afraid or threatened. As a symbol of their acceptance into the B.A.C.A. family, the child is also given a road name and a vest — complete with a B.A.C.A. patch — signifying that they are not alone. In describing the mission of this unorthodox organization, Pipes places empowerment above all else. “We want to empower these children not to feel afraid of the world in which they live," he explains. "Once children are empowered, they can start to heal...When their fear is gone, that’s when we know our job is done.”