When Simon heard the song choice for this "X Factor" audition, he made his dislike known immediately. Little did he know, he'd be eating his words.

Musical group AKNU — which is pronounced "anew" and stands for “A Kind Never Understood” — describes itself as classic while steering clear of being old-fashioned. For their audition for "The X Factor USA," these three brothers chose to sing "Valerie" by The Zutons and famously covered by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, a song Simon claims to hate.

By the end of the audition, however, all three judges and the entire crowd were completely enamored with the group. Not only did Simon laud the performance as "refreshing," but he adds, “It’s like watching Motown all over again. Normally that’s the part I hate, but I think that you might be on the forefront of something new here... I could watch this whole audition all over again, I loved it that much."