Pauline Jacobi of Dyersburg, Tenn. was nearly robbed in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but her faith and bravery left the mugger in tears.

According to WCMA, Jacobi, 92, was preparing to drive away after shopping for groceries when a strange man leapt into her passenger seat and threatened to shoot her if she refused to hand over her money. Not only did the elderly woman stand her ground with admirable courage, but completely changed the mugger's world view. 
Jacobi recalls telling the assailant, "As quick as you kill me I'll go to heaven and you'll go to hell...Jesus is in this car and he goes with me everywhere I go." Reportedly, then man then broke down into tears and asked God to forgive him. After 10 minutes of ministering to the lost soul, Jacobi decided to give him all her money — $10 — as an act of good will before sending him on his way. In her interview, she recounts the man sharing his plans to pray that night, to which she responded, "You don't have to wait until tonight. You can pray anytime you want to."