If you own a dog, you've probably feigned throwing a ball and watching your pup search fruitlessly for it, only to reveal that it's been in your hand the whole time. Self-described magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen takes that concept to a whole new level.

With some good-spirited sleight of hand, Ahonen makes unsuspecting dogs' treats vanish before their very eyes. The reactions are varied — ranging from mild confusion to utter disbelief — but Ahonen assures us in the YouTube video description that the pups received a treat prior to and immediately following the practical joke.

On his YouTube channel, Ahonen performs close-up illusions for a variety of audiences, including sheep, alpacas, humans, and, of course, dogs. He hails from Tampere, Finland, and describes his approach to magic as an art. On his Facebook page, he writes, "magic is not a power or a quality that the magician has, but a joint experience with the audience."