A fisherman thought he was reeling in quite the catch — until another creature saw an opportunity for an easy meal.

While on a fishing trip off the coast of Bonita Springs, Fla., in Aug. 2014, YouTube user Gimbb14 managed to hook a 4-ft. shark at the end of his line. While reeling the shark in, however, a goliath grouper launched itself out of the water and devoured it in one bite. All the fishermen could do was watch with nervous laughter as the gargantuan fish swam away.
According to National Geographic, Atlantic goliath groupers can reach nine feet long and 800 pounds, earning their name with their epic proportions. The massive fish are the topic of a heated debate because of their status as a legally protected species — conservationists want to protect goliath groupers' dwindling population while the fishing community is exasperated at how frequently the enormous fish snatch their catches right off the ends of their lines.