Animal rescue organization Hope For Paws has helped countless animals find the love and care they deserve, but Miley's transformation is among the most heart-wrenching we've seen.

Hope for Paws was alerted to a sick dog, which they later named Miley, who had been living in a heap of garbage for months. The rescuer was cautious while extending a loving hand toward the mangled dog, but Miley slowly began accepting the food he offered. With a gentle touch, the rescuer was able to coax Miley out of the trash and into his car so that she could receive medical attention that she so desperately needed.

According to the veterinarians, poor Miley was suffering from mange, parasites, bacterial infections, and malnutrition, requiring medicated baths to heal her wounds and raw patches. While undergoing treatment, she met Frankie, a rescue dog who had been found in a drain pipe. The skittish pup was frightened of everything, but he and Miley bonded instantly. Watch their amazing story unfold in the video below.