This is a classic and oh-so funny! This was Ellen's first conversation with Gladys Hardy, a grandmother based in Austin, TX who is very open with her opinions and her advice. This started out as a very standard call to a fan who had submitted an interesting letter of requests and suggestions for the show. During the call, however, Glady's witty, out-of-left-field 1-liners literally takes Ellen's breath away.

Ellen loved this conversation so much that she began calling Gladys on a regular basis and Gladys became a regular figure on the Ellen Degeneres show for 7 seasons running. Watch the video below for Ellen's reaction to this very special fan. After this video, you'll see why Gladys is the 'Nana' (as her family calls her) we all wish we had. Be sure to share this hilarious clip with your friends, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!