In a day and age where iPhones are found in nearly everyone's pocket, it's always important to be reminded that social media and the Internet shouldn't be the focus of our attention. We seem to have lost our want/need to connect on a human level. Amidst the crowds of people on the bus or walking the streets, you too often see them with their heads down and eyes on their personal pocket computers. Rarely do you see strangers strike up conversation to pass time. Now it's just mobile games, music, and web surfing.

The technological advancements made in the past couple of decades are without a doubt remarkable. To have an item in your pocket the size of a candy bar that can answer just about any question you have, is pretty extraordinary. However, spending all of your time looking at said item is not so extraordinary. It's distracting and can damage relationships. 

Gary Turk worried that smart phones were having an adverse effect on society and personal relationships. His short film Look Up reminds us to do just that - spend some time away from your phones and tablets and take in what's around you.