Need a trick to captivate audiences at your next get-together? We've got you covered. All you need is a working freezer and a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola. Now, take your bottle and place it on its side in the freezer for just a shade over three hours - this is an important step. If it sits in the freezer for too long, the trick won't work and you'll fail to impress your friends. So be attentive when following these instructions. 

Congratulations, the bulk of the hard work is done. Now comes the easy party. Take your Coca-Cola out of the freezer, release the pressure slightly, then tighten the cap and flip the bottle upside down. If all goes according to plan, the liquid should turn to a slushy-like consistency. Now, pour it out into a glass and enjoy. 

If you're willing to give this trick a shot, you ought to freeze a few bottles, just in case there's a mishap with one. Check out the video below to see this trick in action.