On their remote farm in Ireland, Ronan and Emma Lally have a hoard of sheep, plenty of chickens, a number of cows, and a cat named Della. To most people, it would appear that the couple have their hands full. But they insisted that their family wasn't quite complete. Ronan and Emma needed one last addition before they would be satisfied.

That last addition? Ducks, of course. However, on the day the couple brought home the ducklings, they went missing for several hours. Ronan and Emma worried that the ducklings had met their demise in some way, the cat being a likely culprit. But upon entering the barn, they made an unlikely discovery. Cuddled up with the three ducklings was Della, along with her newborn kittens.

"There's something very, very strange happening here," Ronan said, "but also something very unique." Unique is right. Ronan and Emma shortly noticed that Della was nursing the ducklings.

You can check out their strange but special story below.