Every so often there's a performance on Britain's Got Talent that truly blows the judges away. A performance of that quality is typically rewarded with the Golden Buzzer, which sends the contestant (or contestants) straight to the semi-finals. Each judge can only use the buzzer once during the countless auditions, so they must use it carefully. Thus, as a contestant, you have to feel pretty good about your chances after being deemed worthy of the Golden Buzzer.

When Simon Cowell is the judge who sends you straight through to the semi-finals, you know you've done something right. The typically stern and inexpressive judge only rarely praises a performance. During the 2014 season of Britain's Got Talent, Cowell used his buzzer on Bars and Melody, a duo made up of two young boys from the UK. They covered Twista and Faith Evans' "Hope," and related it to their experiences with bullying.

The emotional performance had a number of audience members wiping tears from their eyes. Check the video out below to see for yourself why it's been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube.