Doris Amrine was beside herself worrying when her husband with Alzheimer's went missing, but what the police found him doing restored her faith in love.

CBS Sunday Morning reports that Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011, and as such has difficulty remember the past 60 years he has shared with his loving wife. Heavy-hearted, Amrine watched as the love of her life slowly began losing his memory, but the events surrounding Mother's Day 2014 assured her that certain aspects of her husband would remain unchanged.


Reportedly, the day before Mother's Day, the normally frail man — who typically requires assistance to even walk around the block — went missing. Police found Amrine two miles from his home, not wandering listlessly but determined to run a specific errand.

In what a police officer describes as "a moment of clarity," Amrine was on a mission to find the perfect bouquet of flowers for his wife — and refused to go home empty-handed. After all, he had bought flowers for his wife every Mother's Day since the birth of their first child, and he had no plans to stop that tradition now. The officers helped him pick out the perfect flowers and returned him home safely.
When reflecting upon her husband's actions, Amrine tells reporters, "Even though the mind doesn't remember everything, the heart remembers."