It's likely that we've all found ourselves in the unfortunate position of standing over a clogged toilet, hoping things will move along without having to intervene. Alas, sometimes you just have to get the rubber gloves on and get dirty, so to speak. Dealing with a clogged toilet can be an embarrassing ordeal, and oftentimes very frustrating. 

How we choose to deal with said clogged toilet will vary from case to case. In South Korea, they have a pretty ingenious solution for this common problem - and frankly, we wonder why this hasn't made its way to the U.S. They use a plastic film called pongtu that stretches over the bowl and adheres to the edges. After flushing, the water rises and the pongtu starts to bulge - but it holds strong. As you can see in the demonstration below, the user then gently pushes the pongtu a few times before all the water and paper gets flushed down.

See it in action below.