Moviegoers pile into a crowded cinema, snacks and sodas in hand. During what they think to be a preview, a location-based broadcaster sends a text message to everyone in the theatre with a cell phone. Little do they know, this unexpected message plays a role in the advertisement on the screen. The ad gives a first-person perspective of a man behind the wheel of a car. When moviegoers hear their phones chirp and buzz, they look down, only to hear the violent sound of a car crashing. 

Startled, they look up at the screen and see a shattered window. "Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel," the Volkswagen ad reads, "A reminder to keep your eyes on the road." According to The National Safety Council, texting while driving results in more than 1.5 million crashes each year.

The powerful advertisement serves as a reminder to keep your eyes on the road and ignore your mobile phone.